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Acronyms/Abbreviations and meanings

Meaning of COMSAT

COMSAT means: Communications Satellite (Corporation)

Meaning of AMAX

AMAX means: American Metals Climax

Meaning of CCA

CCA means: Crystalline Colloidal Array

Meaning of CHEQ

CHEQ means: Chelation Enhanced Quenching

Meaning of ENSDF

ENSDF means: Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File

Meaning of HSD

HSD means: Hyperspherical Diabatic (wave Functions)

Meaning of MSX

MSX means: Midcourse Space Experiment

Meaning of NUR

NUR means: Nitrate Utilization Rate

Meaning of TEDS

TEDS means: Timed Exposure Diffusive Sampler (for Air Pollution)

Meaning of VRNR

VRNR means: Vernier

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