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Acronyms/Abbreviations and meanings

Meaning of ARBI

ARBI means: Adjusted Running Book Inventory

Meaning of HWS

HWS means: Hazardous Waste Site

Meaning of NIEL

NIEL means: Non-ionizing Energy Loss

Meaning of CD-RW

CD-RW means: Compact Disc-Rewritable

Meaning of SPIDPO

SPIDPO means: Office (JSC)

Meaning of SSI

SSI means: Significant Structural Item

Meaning of UCN

UCN means: Uniform Control Number

Meaning of DWBH

DWBH means: Don't Worry, Be Happy

Meaning of TAI

TAI means: Target[ed] Area Of Interest

Meaning of FODA

FODA means: F*ck Off And Die Asshole. Note: Foda Is Also Portuguese For Fuck. When Said By Itself, It Can Have The Same Connotation As "F*ck Off And Die, Asshole."

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