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Acronyms/Abbreviations and meanings

Meaning of VLT

VLT means: Very Large Telescope

Meaning of GINI

GINI means: GOES Ingest & NOAAPORT Interface

Meaning of AUSST

AUSST means: Automatic Synthesis Of Symptom Tree Model

Meaning of GIPM/D

GIPM/D means: Ground State Inversion Potential Method Including Diffraction

Meaning of MPK

MPK means: Methyl Propyl Ketone

Meaning of TLITBC

TLITBC means: That's Life In The Big City

Meaning of CS

CS means: Caesium

Meaning of ORB

ORB means: #NAME?

Meaning of UE

UE means: Unit Of Employment

Meaning of CGN

CGN means: Guided Missile Cruiser (nuclear Propulsion)

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