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Acronyms/Abbreviations and meanings

Meaning of ADCLS

ADCLS means: Advanced Data Collection And Location System

Meaning of ALJ

ALJ means: Administrative Law Judge

Meaning of MIRA

MIRA means: Management Information Research Associates

Meaning of PPP

PPP means: Point-to-Point Protocol

Meaning of FSGO

FSGO means: Floating Spherical Gaussian Orbital

Meaning of MGA

MGA means: Modified Glauber Approxn. (in Atom-particle Scattering)

Meaning of FAR

FAR means: Failure Analysis Report

Meaning of 86

86 means: Out Of; Over; To Get Rid Of; Kicked Out


IITYWYBMAD means: If I Tell You Will You Buy Me A Drink?

Meaning of CODEC

CODEC means: Coder-Decoder / Compressor-Decompressor / Compression-Decompression Algorithm

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