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Acronyms/Abbreviations and meanings

Meaning of IAP

IAP means: International Affiliates Program

Meaning of TLA

TLA means: Three Letter Acronym

Meaning of MIS

MIS means: Metal-insulator-semiconductor (solar Cells)

Meaning of GREP

GREP means: Globally Search For The Regular Expression And Print

Meaning of EMBL

EMBL means: European Mol. Biol. Lab.

Meaning of BRPM

BRPM means: Breath Rate Per Minute

Meaning of EGRET

EGRET means: Energetic Gamma Ray Explorer Telescope

Meaning of LFOP

LFOP means: Landing And Ferry Operations Panel

Meaning of FEBA

FEBA means: Forward Edge Of Battle Area

Meaning of RAD3

RAD3 means: Radio 3

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